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Original personalized designs, custom boat furniture built from solid wood, leather, wicker, inox ... For individuals that value exclusivity very highly.



Building renovation or the implementation of an existing architectural study (existing building-permit for new buildings) design proposals and construction of furniture, doors and windows (internal and external), supply fabrics, all kinds of niche constructions for the reception, catering- reception, kitchen and a continuous counseling throughout the course of the project’s implementation.



We design, we obtain the building permit, and then we proceed with the construction of the building and all the interior constructions that follow.



Our highly experienced executives in based renewable energy, passive solar systems and architectural design through the use of the local microclimate and interior spaces, successfully shape the smart energy shell that offers aesthetic distinction, comfort and energy economy.

Ability to design and construct new and also renovate existing buildings in order to improve operational and energy upgrade

The quality of our products offer quality in your life.



Modern Furnitures

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Solid Wood Furnitures

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Head Office  :  28th Octovriou 190, Xanthi 67100 - Greece
 :  +30 25410 20007 
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